Getting Started with RadioCapture

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Getting Started with RadioCapture

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Thanks for checking out RadioCapture! This guide hopes to help you navigate the interface to get you started on listening to whatever you prefer.

If you like the platform, please seriously consider supporting monthly via Patreon to help keep it around and expand! unfortunately operates at a loss and is not sustainable. By supporting, you can help keep it online!

If you are having issues or would like to chat with other users in real-time, please consider joining

To get started, please register for an account so that you will be able to start customizing what you would like to listen to.

Setting up a View

Views are how you select what you want to listen to. You can customize these to include whatever you want to listen to.
  1. Navigate to the Radio page.
  2. Click on Switch Views on the top left corner and Add New View to add a new view.
  3. Click on Edit View to the top left corner to edit the current view you have selected. From this menu, you will be able to Rename View to your preferred name or Delete this view.
  4. Add talkgroups (or individual radios) to your current view. You can use Quicksearch be selecting the radio system and entering a decimal talkgroup ID or name and clicking on Add next to what you want to listen to. You can also browse for talkgroups by expanding the radio systems and agencies to Add what you would like to listen to.
  5. Once you have your views setup, you will be able easily Switch Views to a view you have previously setup.
Other Features

You can quickly focus on individual talkgroups or radios by clicking on their numeric ID at anytime. This can be useful for quickly tuning into a single talkgroup or trying to find where a specific radio might have gone. Quickviews are temporary and will disappear once you switch back to a normal view.

Link to View
You can share a link to your current active view and even select specific start times with others so that they can playback an incident. These links work for everyone, even those who do not have an account!

Example of Denver Fire Department's 3rd Alarm Fire on March 7, 2018:

Autoplay Issues

The default experience should be that the audio clips play back-to-back without any interruptions. If your audio does not play continuously and you need to manually click on each transmissions, then please check your autoplay settings.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome on a computer should automatically play individual transmissions. Chrome on mobile works, but requires you to change the Autoplay policy settings.
  1. Navigate to chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy in your address bar.
  2. Change the setting to No user gesture is required.
  1. Open
  2. Go to Safari > Settings for This Website.
  3. Hold the pointer to the right of Auto-Play, then click on the pop-up menu and choose Allow All Auto-Play.
We are not aware of other browsers that have issues at this time. If you are having an issue of continuous playback, please let us know so that we can look into it!


Listening in real time has some timing issues between the different radio locations due to latency between the different radio sites. Avoid creating views for different server locations as the site with the lower latency will frequently beat the site with the higher latency.

Current Sites

Denver, Colorado
  • Colorado - Denver Public Safety (EDACS)
Lakewood, Colorado
  • Colorado - Aurora (P25)
  • Colorado - Denver International Airport
  • Colorado - Denver (P25)
  • Colorado - FRCC
  • Colorado - MARC
  • Colorado - State of Colorado DTRS (Denver area, Sites 1-###)
Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Colorado - State of Colorado DTRS (Colorado Springs area, Sites 4-### & 6-###)
  • Colorado - Fort Carson
  • US Air Force
Thank you!