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Q: What is this?
A: It's a hobby project I built in my spare time that uses software defined radios to do bulk collection (capturing all radio transmissions) on public safety trunked radio systems. On this site, a portion of the data from the current receive sites is made accessible to the public. The current site includes a permanent archive of transmissions received from when our sites first started capturing up to real time.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Check this forum post for the getting started guide.

Q: Can I submit data for my area?
A: Not yet, but maybe soon. I'd love to do it, but the costs for the infrastructure needed would be beyond our current ability to pay for it.

Q: How can I help?
A: By participating in radiocapture.chat and helping to build a community. Also by contribution to the patreon, cloud infrastructure is expensive. If you're a software developer or web designer that wants to help, I'd love your help, but know that some of the code requires a non-disclosure agreement (not my choice) and it isn't currently open source.

Q: What software does this use?
A: Most of the software is custom developed on top of existing open source libraries like GNURadio and OP25.

Q: What kind of hardware does this use?
A: The current receive sites use 1 to 3 desktop PCs in a cluster, and 10 RTLSDR dongles per site

Q: How do I ask a question?
A: I really need to set something up for that, but you can find me in the Radiocapture.chat link above